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The Documents listed below, along with the Florida State statutes and Lee County ordinances, define the expectations of the community in regard to the individual homeowner. Enjoy!


Covenants and Restrictions

Amendments to C&Rs

Rules and Regulations


Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Handbook

Property Development Regulations



ROCB Year-End Financials

(Latest) Monthly Financials


ROCB Forms

RV Registration Form

Auto Pay Form (ROCB)

Please send your Estoppel certificate paperwork to:
ROCB Manager, at ROCBmanager@rocbfl.com

CCC Forms

The Carefree Clubhouse Corporation owns and operates a private club within the community of The Resort on Carefree Boulevard. Property owners at The Resort on Carefree Boulevard are eligible to apply for Owner membership in the Carefree Clubhouse Corporation. Clubhouse membership must be applied for within thirty days of lot purchase.

Please note: Proof of ownership will be required during the nomination process. If a Quit Claim Deed is being used to prove ownership, only Quit Claim Deeds prepared by an attorney will be accepted.