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Fort Myers area
Fort Myers Online Fort Myers Online
Fort Myers is located on the Caloosahatchee River, and is the oldest city in Lee County. Historic downtown brings back the flavor of old Florida. Website showcases all that Fort Myers has to offer.
Lee County Hazardous Waste Lee County Hazardous Waste
6431 Topaz Ct, Fort Myers, FL 33966 US 
(239) 533-8000
Website (map/directions)
HOURS: 8am to 5pm Mon thru Fri; 8am to noon Saturday; closed Sundays & holidays
LOCATION: 6441 Topaz Court, Fort Myers
DISPOSABLE MATERIALS: adhesives, ammunition, antifreeze, asbestos, brake fluid, car batteries, cell phones, compact fluorescent light bulbs, computer monitors, computers, electronics, fertilizers, fluorescent bulbs, fungicides, gasoline, herbicides, household cleaners, inkjet cartridges, insecticides, items containing mercury, NiCad batteries, paint, paint thinners, pesticides, pool chemicals, propane tanks, rechargeable batteries, single-use batteries, thermostats containing mercury

Southwest Florida  International Airport Southwest Florida International Airport
Gateway to Fort Myers and Florida's Gult Coast. Valuable travel and flight information.
Friendship Volunteer Center Friendship Volunteer Center
We offer 'one stop shopping' for individuals of all ages looking for volunteer opportunities & assist non profit, governmental agencies & proprietary healthcare facilities seeking additional volunteers. We currently collaborate with over 100 agencies in Lee County.
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
CDC is one of the major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services, and the premiere source of information regarding the current pandemic and protective measures.
Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council
The mission of the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council is to support the management of invasive exotic plants...
This is the list that ARC references before they sign off on requests for plantings by homeowners at Carefree —
why not check it for yourself as you plan your landscaping?
South Florida Water Management South Florida Water Management
Water Wisely: Learn easy ways to save water during the dry season – and all year long. The Carefree Environment & Grounds Committee (E&G) exists to ensure oversight and compliance with the agreement between the ROCB and South Florida Water Management (SFWM).
Florida SENIOR GAMES Schedule Florida SENIOR GAMES Schedule
Get in on the action! Check out the current schedule for Senior Games in the state of Florida. Wide range of sports: pickleball, tennis, bridge, golf, bowling and much more. It's like a Rainbolympics field trip!
CGR Communites
Resort on Carefree Boulevard Resort on Carefree Boulevard
Website maintained by Gina and Cathy, the developers of The Resort on Carefree Boulevard. You can find information about ROCB as well as lots and houses for sale and rentals.
Carefree Cove Carefree Cove
Another great retirement community brought to you by the developers of The Resort on Carefree Boulevard. Near Boone, North Carolina.
Miscellany of the Moment
The Museum of Bad Art (MoBA) The Museum of Bad Art (MoBA)
The world's only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms.
Zinny's World (Florida Wildlife) Zinny's World (Florida Wildlife)
Images of wildlife and plants common to southern Florida...along with images of field trips (with the Peace River Audubon Society, Venice Area Audubon Society, Port Charlotte Cultural Center's Bird ID Class, Photo Adventures Camera Club)...
Trivia Library Trivia Library
Yep, just like it sounds... Trivia, all kinds, categorized, sub-categorized, then sub-categorized again. Try it – learn something wonderful (and useless) – like the real skinny on Cinderella (hint: the slipper wasn't really glass, after all).