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See new HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS page on this website!


Pandemic information can change, please check back often!

Covid Case Reporting Form  
Please take time to report Covid cases by sending this form to Ombuds@carefreefl.com or drop it in the Clubhouse Dropbox in a sealed envelope addressed to COVID Ombuds. (This form can also be found on the FORMS web page under ROCB section).


CCC Covid Tables 
Protocols for indoor spaces and gatherings in the Clubhouse

Carefree Protocol Criteria
Protocols and the Criteria for them

BoA COVID Protocols
Protocols for outdoor spaces and gatherings

Art House Covid Protocols
Protocols for indoor & outdoor spaces and gatherings
at Art House North, Art House South, and Kamala Court

Carefree Covid Protocols Update
PDF of PowerPoint presented by the Ad Hoc Covid Committee (sponsored by the Education Committee) on March 3, 2022.


(Issued from the office 8/20/20, How to wear and care for the different types of masks.)


"Message from the BOA"

(Issued from the office 5/4/20, Carefree-specific info.)


(Issued from the office 4/10/20, Carefree-specific info, including one-way streets in the park.)


"Letter to Carefree Community from BOA"

(Issued from the office 4/3/20, regarding FL Governor's newly-issued "Stay at Home" order.)


"Fraud Alert: Criminals Posing as Treasury Dept. Officials"

(Issued from the office 4/3/20, info regarding current email/phone scam.)


"15 Days to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus"

(Issued from the White House Monday 3/16/20)

(Since we can not longer accommodate large gatherings in the clubhouse, we can "attend" online.
Use these instructions to be able to log into and participate in meetings)
The app is free and safe to use. For info: zoom.com. Once you sign up, and download the app, it will be easy to log in and "Join A Meeting" when one is announced via email from the Office.

Mail Room and Office protocol
When picking up Packages or going to the Office keep the 6 foot safe distance from each other and from staff (one guest in the office or one couple in the office at a time). If you see someone at the window or already in the office - please stand well back and/or wait outside.
Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before going to the mail window or into the office.
Do not go to the mailbox kiosk while mail is being put into the boxes!